Birthday Sale Order Updates & T&C's

All new orders are being sent as they come in🔥

Order updates: 

All orders have been fulfilled & completed

If your query is in regards to an order that has been shipped but not yet received - please contact Australia Post directly. 

Please note: weekends and the 2 public holidays we have had are not included in our turn around time.


The sale will be live for 4 hours only! Not a second earlier and not a second later.

The discount code will be ✨IMHAPPYTOWAIT ✨

If the previous years birthday sales are anything to go by, we anticipate an extended wait time - but we will be doing our best to aim to have all orders out within 3 weeks.
This discount code being used is our virtual handshake 🤝 that you won't complain you ordered 2 days ago and haven't got it yet. If you ask about your order inside the 3 week time frame, you will be sent an invoice for $50 per order, ill hold your order hostage until you pay and you will have to wait an extra 3 weeks 🤣

Make sure you check the discount code is entered and applied correctly, check your name and address is correct before submitting your order. No cancellations, no refunds, no changes to your order, no combining multiple orders during the sale.

Obviously some things here are a joke but some are serious so please be courteous and patient.

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