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My experience with Engagement Pods

My experience with Engagement Pods


I recently left all of my Engagement Pods & I’ll tell y’all WHY.

If you’re a small business or influencer you probably know what an engagement pod is. For those who don’t, it’s a group chat of pages who follow each other and like/comment on each other’s stuff when asked. I’ve met so many lovely ladies from my pods. I’ve made some great friends, brought some great products and even made a few sales. But I was a slave to my socials.

Now I’m seeing pages that I haven’t seen for ages! People I forgot I followed - not just a business I have 0 interest in but they’re at the top of my feed ERRY DAMN DAY cause I HAVE to engage. I’ve had more orders cause I’m actually being seen by customers! #DIDYOUKNOW Your posts only get shown to 10% of your following to begin with?  Because my most interacted with accounts were other businesses, I never got pushed out to my genuine customers! 

Lemme ask - are you in a pod AND using paid ads/boosting posts?  I’m currently e-learning about Facebook Ads - guess what? Now that I want to set up a proper marketing strategy with paid ads, I’ve shot myself in the foot. Targeting customers with paid ads will now only target these businesses from my pods because they engage with me the most - and unlikely to reach customers that for example abandoned cart.

These people follow you only follow you because they have to, not because they want to, therefore they aren’t your target audience and they are unlikely to engage with you outside of the pod setting.

 My followers are still increasing - with my genuine target audience finally finding me! My sales have increased. I’ve got to spend more time engaging with my ALREADY loyal queens. I used to spend HOURS catching up on posts in these pods. Now? I spend an hour engaging with my little community - the people who engage because they ADORE me.

It takes 2 weeks for the algorithm to unblock you and start showing you around to “real” people. It’s a hard 2 weeks but so worth it.

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