Lanyard Safety

Lanyards are usually fitted around the neck (or clipped to a piece of clothing or bag) which makes them incredibly handy, but it also means that they can be hazardous if they catch on something or in a teachers case - a child pulls on them (accidentally or deliberately) This is why all of our Milkie Co lanyards come with a safety breakaway clip. It is a piece of plastic which detaches itself and releases open when there is excessive force applied. In the event that the lanyard catches on something, or someone pulls too hard on the lanyard this force causes the clip to open releasing the lanyard.

All Milkie Co lanyards are made according to Australian Standards and also feature Premium (Custom-made) hardware for durability and quality you won't find anywhere else, making Milkie Co the choice for teachers looking to find their perfect personalised lanyard.

As always - if you have any questions about our Milkie Co lanyards, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us!

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