Trolley Tokens

Trolley key tokens are a tiny, but mighty, key ring attachment that make life so. much. easier. When you’re at the supermarket, ready to get sh*t done and conquer the day, the last thing you want is to be stuck searching your bag for a bloody two dollar coin. Isn’t it always when we need them the most they become so difficult to find?!
Milkie Co’s trolley token keychains will be your new saving grace. Insert into the coin slot, turn sideways, and release. Just like that — the trolley is yours. What’s even better is that the trolley token keyring slides right out instantly… meaning you don’t have to worry about collecting it at the end of your shop. It’s like magic, and it’s compatible with all trolleys that accept two dollar coins, including Coles, Woolworths, and ALDI.

Trust, you need this on your keyring!

Our tokens & charms are now fit with custom made heavy duty hardware exclusive to Milkie Co - ensuring our jumprings and keyring attachments are significantly stronger than ever, offering you 100% satisfaction guarantee! 😱

Trolley Tokens - Solid from $4.99 AUD