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We believe in the importance of simple joys in life — whether that comes in the form of gorgeous beaded keyrings that bring a smile to your face; mouthwatering sugar cookies with a cheeky message; colourful cute scrunchies to suit your unique personality; or luxe candles and melts around the home, emanating soothing aromas.

Milkie Co has a little something (or a lot) for everyone, with customisation options to make sure each piece speaks to your individuality. With pieces for all occasions — birthdays, special events, seasonal festivities — and items for home, body, car, gift giving, and so much more, Milkie Co is your ultimate destination for all the adorable goodness you could ever imagine.

We are so happy you’re here — enjoy your exploration through our colourful collections!

'Croc on' Stamp $13.00 USD
'You rock!' Stamp $13.00 USD
Reward Jar $45.00 USD

Bulk Classroom Gifts: Kids Bag Tag from $68.00 USD $89.00 USD
Misc Biz Supplies $14.00 USD $28.00 USD
$6 Seconds Stamps from $5.00 USD
Regulation Zones Stamp Bundle $45.00 USD $49.00 USD
Dessert Candles $26.00 USD
39mm Suede Tassels from $3.00 USD