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Struggling to pick which scent is for you? Let us help.

Please note: Limited edition scents from the Snap Bar Wax Melt range may not be listed here. If you have any queries about those, feel free to email us. 

🍭 House Blend - This is our very own creation. 

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50 Shades 👨 Treat your senses to a little something on the naughty side. A tantalizing masculine aftershave scent, with notes of bergamot and cedar wood, paired with sharp leather and musk base.
Amalfi Coast 👨 Craving the beach? Inhale a coastal breeze with this invigorating blend of wild freesia, lavender, and fresh lime.
Apple & Cinnamon 🍏 A dessert for the senses, that’s for sure. Indulge in this fruity, spicy blend of cinnamon, clove leaf, and nutmeg, paired with tangy apple and light citrus notes.
Avocado Mint 🥑 Avo and mint? Trust us. It’s an unexpected pairing that smells delightfully sweet and fresh, featuring citrus notes of mandarin and lemon and floral notes of jasmine and geranium, lifted by light vanilla. 
Baby Powder 🍼 A fresh and clean scent comprised of freesia, ylang, heliotrope and cypress. Smells exactly like you’re imagining!
Baileys Irish Cream ❤️‍🩹 Creamy and chocolately, it’s your favourite drink as an indulgent scent. Perfect for when they say it’s “too early” for a drink.
Berrylicious 🍓 A sweet blend of a mix of ripe berries and citrus on a vanilla base. 
🍭 Birthday Cake - House Blend Who says every day can’t be your birthday? This scent is blended with rich vanilla, pure cane sugar, and notes of creamy white frosting, smelling like it has come fresh from your oven with love.
Black Cherry 🍒 An incredible cherry flavour we all know and love — extra strong. Extra mouth watering.
Black Ice 🚗 Air-freshener chic. A strong and classic masculine scent featuring fresh bergamot, pine, orange, wild lavender, and subtle florals, followed by sandalwood and soothing musk.
Black Opium (Type) 👯‍♀️ She’s an icon! Inspired by the fragrance of the same name, this scent comes to life with pink pepper, orange blossom, and pear on top of coffee and jasmine base notes, tied together with vanilla, patchouli and cedar wood.
Black Raspberry Vanilla 💋 Blackberries, raspberries, and vanilla, with white florals at its core, delicately wrapped into creamy vanilla and luscious musk. Mmmm…
Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream 🧁 Rich cream cheese paired with blueberry accord and hints of cinnamon, perfectly paired with super-sweet vanilla ice cream for a tempting treat. Just like your favourite cafe would make.
Brazillian Bum Bum (Type) 👯‍♀️ A scent so good it’ll get you shaking your bum-bum. Pistachio, salted caramel and vanilla join forces with almond, jasmine, sandalwood and salted caramel for an aroma you won’t forget.
Brown Sugar & Fig 🐞 A perfect pair for those of us who are part sweet, part earthy. It’s sweetness balanced by the musk of nature. This complex fragrance begins with vanilla, caramel, maple sugar, and fig leaves, and follows with coconut milk, vanilla orchid, jasmine, muguet, and freesia — then tops it off with peach and passionfruit.
Bubblegum 🍬 Bubblegum pink dreams, just like the classic scent. Made with raspberry, strawberry and vanilla. 
🍭 Bubblegum Fairyfloss - House Blend Create a summer carnival in your own home with this cotton candy blend, featuring sugary strawberry and sweet vanilla.
Butter Popcorn 🍿 The scent wafting from the cinema that has you shamelessly buying an extra-large popcorn… this irresistible scent of fresh popcorn is covered in a creamy and rich butter flavour.
Buttercream Vanilla 🧈 Indulgent and rich, this scent emanates freshly churned butter layered with dark vanilla bean and star anise. Heavenly!
Candy Banana 🍌 All the candy lollies, guilt-free. Vanilla is layered with fresh kiwi fruit, mango, and bubble gum, then finished off with grapefruit, banana and strawberries to create this moorish scent.
🍭 Caramel Toffee Apples - House Blend Just like your favourite toffee treats. This scent emanates notes of caramel, syrup, brown sugar, and warm butter. Subtle notes of sea salt, light rum and vanilla extract elevate the aroma.
Caramilk 🍫 Caramilk for the soul, because we all deserve it. Creamy caramilk meets decadent cheesecake, paired with a biscuity vanilla finish for an indulgent dessert scent.
Caramilk Popcorn 🍿 Creamy caramilk meets decadent cheesecake and popcorn.
Champagne & Strawberries 🍓 A celebration in a scent. Ripe strawberries and raspberries paired with notes of champagne and roses. Best paired with popped bubbly.
Champagne Pomegranate 💥 All the beautiful things in life tied into one. A bouquet of grapefruit, lemon, orange and pomegranate meet hints of green foliage to create a sparkling fragrance.
🍭 Cherry Cola - House Blend A delightful cherry aroma that is not sickening sweet, with the mixture of Cola. Very reminscent of starburst cherry lollies!
Cinnamon Sugar Donut 🍩 Think: churros. Dreamy, right? Indulgent warm cinnamon dreams are paired with sugar sprinkles for a hint of sweetness.
Clean Cotton 💦 Light and clean like a summer breeze. Makes your home smell deep-cleaned and irresistibly fresh. Lemon and Kaffir lime zests are paired with notes of baby powder, African violet, and jasmine.
Cloud (Type) 👯‍♀️ Just like the Ariana Grande perfume. Sweet, with musk.
Coconut 🥥 Buttery rum paired with sweet, creamy vanilla and bold toasted coconut. Yeah, it’s coconut like the rum.
Coconut Lime 🥥 You put the lime in the coconut… A fusion of fresh coconut and zesty lime, soothed by luscious vanilla for an irresistible summer scent.
Coconut Mango 🥭 Another perfect summer pairing! Fruity tones of mango, fresh strawberries, elderberries and ripe papaya come together with rich vanilla, toasted coconut, and a hint of soft musk.
Coconut Pineapple & Vanilla 🍍 A subtle Coconut scent with Vanilla base. Warning: please don't drink!
🍭 Coffee Coconut - House Blend The scent of your local cafe, brought into your home and elevated. This roasted coffee bean aroma is softened with coconut milk, vanilla, and hazelnut.
Cola Bottles 🍬 Crack open a cold one with this cheeky scent. The fizzy, refreshing feeling of cola wrapped up into a scent.
Cookie Dough 🍪 The warm smell of indulgent cookies baking in the oven, with notes of nuts and cinnamon. Warning: Causes cookie cravings.
Cookies & Milk 🍪 The decadent scent of fresh cookies straight out of the oven, captured within this baked sugar cookie scent… perfect for making everyone think you’ve really been baking.
Creamy Mango Sorbet 🥭 Ripe mango, juicy lemons and raspberries with a touch of vanilla. Just like a creamy weiss bar - YUM.
Creme Brulee 🍮 Just like the real thing (but don’t bite into this one). Rich vanilla custard meets chocolate, liqueur and caramelised sugar.
Creme Caramel 🍮 Indulgent as it gets! An intoxicating sweet blend of rich buttery caramel, infused with pear, and spiced with clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon.
Cucumber Water 🥒 Refreshing and invigorating, this scent pairs fruity honeydew melon and green cucumber with tart apples and fresh greens to make you feel like a health queen.
Fairy Bread 🍞 A tried and true Aussie favourite in a scent. A cupcake-inspired flavour featuring orange cream, peach nectar, candy apple, pink buttercream, vanilla sugarcane, and so much more. 
Fairy Floss 🍬 Fun to eat, fun to smell. Light and fluffy with sweet strawberry and raspberry notes, blended with a creamy vanilla on top of a light sugar base.
Fig Fatale 💋 Rich and fruity ripe fig is paired with kiwi fruit, strawberry, and green apple, and tied together with vanilla. See? Fig fatale!
Fizzy Pink Lemonade 🍸 The perfect sweet fizz! Lemon zest paired with grapefruit and strawberries, topped off with a fizzy sparkling wine twist.
Flowerbomb (Type) 👯‍♀️ You’ve fallen in love with the perfume, now fill your home with the same scent. An iconic floral scent made of jasmine, rose, orchid and bergamot, topped with black tea and patchouli.
Frangipani 🌹 Hard to pronounce, easy to love. Floral frangipani is sweet and full bodied with accents of green.
French Lavender 🌹 The perfect true to life lavender scent. This one will have you deep asleep and beautifully dreaming.
Fresh Coffee ☕ This energizing scent is reminiscent of dark roasted coffee beans, kissed with a touch of chocolate. Caffeine for the senses, all day long.
Fruit Loops 🥣 Cereal as a scent? Groundbreaking. A colourful scent just like the fan-favourite cereal, featuring lemon, lime, and grapefruit, paired with lemongrass, lily, and vanilla.
Fruit Tingles 🍬 What a dream - lemongrass, lemon peel and Kaffir lime topped with with fresh pineapple, melon, grapefruit and juicy mango.
Ghost Drops 🍬 Smells just like the candy.
🍭 Grape Fanta - House Blend Juicy, juicy grapes and fizzy fanta. Delicious!
Grape Hubba Bubba 🍇 An indulgent grape scent just like your favourite berry-inspired sweets, with a luxe lashing of vanilla. The gum only lasts a few chews, but this scent lasts forever.
Greentea & Lemongrass 🍵 Like a warm cup of tea, this sophisticated scent combines green tea, lavender, and jasmine with clean and fresh lemongrass. Peace and calm in a scent.
Hot Chocolate & Marshmallows ☕ The winter time treat we all deserve. Warm things up inside with cozy scents of hot chocolate, combined with the subtle sweetness of a marshmallow topping.
🍭 Hubba Bubba Cola - House Blend A fun, juicy and sweet fragrance mixed with citrus & spice to form a refreshing combo. Another sweet childhood memory.
Japanese Honeysuckle 🌹 This beloved floral scent provides the aroma of a sweet flowering honeysuckle vine. Once you smell it, you’ll be addicted.
🍭 Jelly Beans - House Blend Grab a cheeky handful of sweet lollies. This aroma is comprised of sweet cherry, strawberry, banana, orange, and green apple.
Jolly Rancher Cherry 🍬 Cherry lollies brought to life in a delicious and familiar scent. Mouthwateringly sweet.
🍭 Juicy Cotton Candy Gum - House Blend Fruity opening with notes of orange, lemon, pineapple and banana, followed by Cotton Candy, star anise, clove and cinnamon and finishing with a sugar.
Juicy Fruit Gum 🍬 A refreshing fruity gum taste that opens with orange, lemon, pineapple, and banana, then follows with notes of spices and sugar. You could say… the smell that moves you.
Juicy Watermelon 🍉 Watermelon, but more. Fruity watermelon paired with sweet tangerine and peach, plus refreshing notes provided by cucumber and sweet vanilla.
Kakadu Plum ✨ A robust and fruity plum fragrance, with subtle notes of passion fruit, guava, melon and fresh lime. As if you’ve just pulled a fresh plum from the tree — how good!?
Lady Million (Type) 👯‍♀️ You know the one! A multilayered fragrance to delight the senses. Lemon, raspberry, and neroli meet gardenia, orange flower, jasmine, amber, and honey.
Lemon Fizzy Soda 🍋 So refreshing and perfectly sweet. Crack open the sweet and citrusy scent of a fizzy lemonade soda on a hot day.
Lemon Zest 🍋 Lemon zest captured in a scent, without notes of anything kitchen-supplies. This intensely citrus fragrance captures the essence of a freshly grated lemon peel and pairs it with subtle green herbal base notes.
Lime Icypole 🍧 Tangy, fresh, and cool, this lime-featured scent smells refreshing and citrusy sweet. Totally like a lime icy pole on a hot day.
Lollyshop 🍬 Welcome to the lolly shop! Delight your senses, and your guests, with this combination of strawberry, sugar, red berry, cashmere, fruity musk, and whipped vanilla.
Lychee Guava Sorbet 🍧 Lychee lover? You will adore this vibrant blend that includes mixed berries, guava, and lime peel, with a touch of vanilla.
Marshmallow 🍬 Fluffy and sweet, just like your favourite pink treat. A subtly sweet and feminine fragrance paired with vanilla and jasmine.
Maui Pineapple 🍍 Transport yourself to a vacation in Maui with this scent of pineapple on the beach. Juicy pineapple, coconut, and mango married to crushed mint, lush greens, and palm leaves.
🍭 Melon Berry - House Blend Top notes of wild strawberries, with the aroma of shortbread & base notes of rich vanilla and watermelon.
Mint Mojito 🍸 Too early for a cocktail? Try a refreshing, classic drink in scent form, this scent pairs white rum, sugar cane, and spearmint.
Miss Dior (Type) 👯‍♀️ Like a chic perfume. Classic florals come together with citrus notes for an unforgettable timeless fragrance, highlighted by mandarin, bergamot, and jasmine.
Musk Stick Lollies 🍬 Reminiscent of your favourite musk sticks! Citrusy lemon and pineapple paired with sweet sugar cane and a honey base.
One Million (Type) 👨 A fan favourite cologne to fill your home. This classic fragrance pairs the best of sweet, spicy, and woody notes. Grapefruit, mint, mandarin, rose, cinnamon, leather and amber.
Passionfruit & Paw Paw A fruity cocktail for a tropical sweet tooth. Passionfruit, paw paw, pink grapefruit, mandarin, peach, and mango.
Passionfruit Guava 🍹 Zesty yet sweet scent of passionfruit fused with tropical guava and orange. A mouthwatering fragrance.
Peach Punch 🍑 Mouthwatering bursts of peach nectar. Luscious and juicy!
Pineapple & Peach 🍍 A scent as fun as it is to say. Ripe peaches and juicy pineapple come together with hints of floral jasmine and sweet honey.
🍭 Pineapple Lollies  - House Blend Slice into the scent of pineapple, in an extra-delicious lolly form, with this sweet and juicy scent.
🍭 Pink Candy & Fairy Floss - House Blend Sweet and sugary just like a candy store.
Pink Champagne & Exotic Fruits 🍸 The scent of Treat Yourself. A dreamy platter of fragrance, this scent is ambrosial with delicious passionfruit, guava, and pink grapfruit.
Pink Guava Lime 🍹 This ones so good, you could drink it - but you shouldn’t. Top notes of lime and sea salt, and subtle guava, pineapple & honeydew.
Pink Sugar (Type) 👯‍♀️ All the pink sweetness! Enjoy notes of cotton candy, lemon drops, raspberries, and caramel, plus vanilla and floral scents.
Pomegranate 🎈 Self-explanatory, and undeniably delicious. Slice into a fresh pomegranate with this sweet and citrusy scent.
Prada Candy (Type) 👯‍♀️ Inspired by PRADA's fragrance 'Candy', this sweet fragrance opens with decadent dark almond, infused with a sensual accord of vanilla, exotic myrrh, and warm caramel. Elegant musk interwoven with sandalwood creates a luxury base.
Purple Zappos 🍬 Sweet, sweet, sweet. Think mixed lollies with a vanilla sugary goodness!
🍭 Rainbow Paddle Pop - House Blend Caramel and creamy vanilla bring back scents of childhood sweets. Yes, you can treat yourself! This is our very own creation. Don't be fooled by imitations.
Raspberry & Vanilla ❤️ Raspberries with a vanilla under-tone. Iconic.
Raspberry Cream Cupcake 🧁 Bring a fancy bakery mood into your home. Fresh raspberries, pear and apple are combined with Madagascar vanilla, sugar cane, butter and maple for a well rounded treat.
Red Frogs 🍬 Red frogs, raspberry lollies — a crowd pleasing favourite. Need we say more?
Red Skin Lollies 🍬 A nod to a national favourite! A classic mouthwatering combination of strawberry, raspberry and vanilla.
Salted Caramel 🍰 A fan-favourite salted caramel flavour for your home. Buttery top notes are rounded out with a touch of saltiness, then paired with coconut, vanilla, and creamy condensed milk.
Sex on the Beach 🍸 Always keep it playful with sex on the beach. This scent features fresh pineapple and orange paired with tart cranberries. This true to life scent is reminiscent of your favourite cocktail.
Shave & A Haircut 👨 Barber shop luxe. Clean and masculine, this scent offers bold woody notes of cedar wood and fir needle, paired with fresh bergamot, lemon peel, and musk.
Si (Type) 👯‍♀️ Flowers, nature, and sweetness. Cassis makes the base of this scent, topped with may rose and freesia, and highlighted by vanilla, patchouli, ambroxan and woody notes.
Sinus relief 🍃 This scent will keep things clear! Eucalyptus and peppermint fill the senses with this notable scent.
Skittles 🍬 Fruity as it gets, with a delightful blend of sugar, citrus, and grape. It’s like a handful of fun. 
Snow Fairy (Type) 👯‍♀️ A fun, sweet blend of candy floss, pear drops, bubblegum and vanilla.
Sour Patch Lollies 🍬 Sweet and zingy like the real thing. Treat yourself to flavours of lemon and lime, berries and pineapple, vanilla and sugar syrup.
Spiced Pumpkin Latte 🎃 Autumn in a scent for all your pumpkin-spice dreams. A creamy, spicy blend of warm nutmeg and ginger, paired with unforgettable pumpkin and caramel.
Strawberry 🍓 Beautiful in its simplicity, like it’s fresh from the market. This classic scent offers strawberry scent elevated with a sprinkling of sugar. 
🍭 Strawberry Bubblegum  - House Blend Pop some bubblicious. Sweet strawberry and citrus introduce this scent, followed by coconut and hints of clove, made complete by notes of vanilla and sugar cane.
Strawberry Daquiri 🍓 Want to feel like you’re dancing on the beach? Fresh and fruity ripe strawberries are paired with fun notes of white rum and malt in this super-fun scent.
Strawberry Guava 🍓 Summer never has to end. Enjoy a tropical blast with this fruity fusion of strawberry and guava, paired with vanilla and sugar base notes for an extra sweet summer punch.
Strawberry Kiwi Lipsmacker 🥝 The scent that brings on the perfect kissable smile. The perfect balance of sweet strawberry and tart kiwi in this classic duo.
🍭 Strawberry Mascarpone - House Blend Thick strawberry sauce blended with just the right amount of mascarpone to make this mouthwatering treat.
Strawberry Shortcake 🍓 Top notes of wild strawberries, with the aroma of shortbread & base notes of rich vanilla. Yummmmm!
Strawberry Sour Straps 🍓 Zingy, tart, and mouthwatering strawberry flavour, just like a trip to the lolly shop that never disappoints. 
Strawberry Zappos 🍬 Sweet combo of Raspberry & Strawberry. 
Sweet Fig & Pomegranate 🙌 An exotic pairing of lush fig and sweet pomegranate-rich and so indulgent. Yankee Candle Type.
Sweet Pea Vanilla (Type) 👯‍♀️ A sweet pea scent for all the sweet peas in your life. Berry notes are paired with sweet pea and creamy coconut, then drizzled with vanilla, to create a decadent treat.
Unicorn Farts 🦄 Yes, you do want your home to smell like unicorn farts. It’s all the sweetness you can imagine: goji berries, blueberries, raspberries, cotton candy and creamy vanilla.
Vanilla 🍨 Sweet, sweet vanilla. Pure vanilla aroma with a subtle touch of cream.
Vanilla & Pear 🍨 A pair often found in fancy desserts, and now found in your beautiful home. A harmonious combination of vanilla and pear with light musk notes.
Vanilla Bean 🍨 What’s better than vanilla? Vanilla bean, of course. Sweet and sugary, this scent emanates pure, fresh vanilla beans.
Vanilla Caramel 🍨 Ooh, luxe and indulgent… sweet and salty buttery caramel meets rich, creamy vanilla and coconut.
Vanilla Kiwi 🥝 Once you smell this perfect pair, you’ll understand our love for the unique combination of juicy and sweet. Fresh kiwi is paired with sweet and deep vanilla in this two-toned scent.
Vanilla Patchouli & Sandalwood 🙌 Vanilla with a twist. This woody scent features an earthy base of sandalwood, cedar wood and patchouli, with a touch of sweetness through vanilla and white musk.
Waffle Cone Vanilla 🍦 A different vanilla with lots of baked overtones. A more cooked, waffle type smell - DELICIOUS.
Watermelon 🍉 Isn’t watermelon everyone’s favourite fruit? This aroma of real watermelon is paired with a splash of sparkling citrus, pineapple, peach, and cucumber.
Watermelon Cotton Candy 🍉 A lovely, fun, sweet scent for summer days, all those special times at the fun park eating sweet fairy floss until your tongue was bright pink. 
🍭 Watermelon Fruit Loops  - House Blend Sugary sweet cereal with a sour watermelon twist. Warning: YOU WILL BE HUNGRY!
Watermelon Hubba Bubba 🍉 Lip smacking good. Juicy watermelon elevated by peach, strawberry, and sugar syrup.
Watermelon Lemonade 🍉 Two of the best brought together as one. A thirst-quenching scent on hot summer days with a refreshing blend of watermelon, lemon, and casaba melon, with subtle hints of blackberry and vanilla bean.
🍭 (NEW) Unicorn - House Blend The perfect mixture of sweet and fruity. Unicorn opens with top notes of tart raspberry and ripe blackcurrant & moves to a tangy pomegranate and juicy cranberry. And just imagine it - sprinkled with sweetness in a light creamy vanilla base. 🤤

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