Merry Milkie
We have decided to keep the website open, but I've marked Cookies & some other items from being able to be purchased. I have gone through the website to remove any christmas stock that has sold out (scrunchies, earrings etc)
If I can get ontop of orders, I will re-open these for express/pickup only.

Order Turnaround: We currently have an up to 14 business day turn around time for all orders. Please make note of the order date on your email and work out 14 business days before contacting us to ask about your order. Given our work load, we won't be responding to emails asking about when your order will be ready if its within the 14 business day guide. Teacher cookies will be prepared this week in order for delivery before any school end dates & Christmas will be closer to Christmas.

Other Notes: Black Opium is out of stock! I do have more on the way.

Price increase: If you have noticed any price increases, please note this is due to us now having to charge GST on our products. We have absorbed the GST on some products to remain competitive.


Engagement Pods

I recently left all of my Engagement Pods & I’ll tell y’all WHY.

MILKIEPOINTS Loyalty Program

MILKIEPOINTS - Loyalty program for royalty.

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* I have decided to give this a bit of an update, although it seems not a lot has changed, but you can have faith knowing this was last updated in ...

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