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Perfect gift!

Good quality burn, delicious scents, super simple order!

Smells delicious!

The perfect gift, huge range of fragrances and so easy to order and pick up


Easy to design, order and pick up. Such a fast turn around!

Smells delicious

I have one of these in my bathroom..smells so good😊

Room spray

Very strong scent, lingers for ages and smells so nice.

Strong scent

Smells great and the scent throw is amazing.

Shake & vac

Smells amazing and a little goes a long way!


Pretty diffuser, lovely long lasting smell, not too strong

Shake & Vac

I honestly you really love these. They refresh my carpets which is hard when you have three dogs

No communication

I sent a live chat request 3 times and they said they would get back to me. I sent an email but zero response. I ordered 4 of these, the Hugo one has no g as it just looks like two oo’s so think before you order anything with a g or o in it as the print out is not quite right. Might be better etched than hollow.

Hi Lynsey. We replied to you every single time, and every single time we included a screenshot of our previous correspondence, in which we would never hear back from you again... Please refer to emails and chat correspondence on 10/09, 19/09 and 25/09, or our email this morning which has all screenshots attached. Let us know if you still haven't received any of these screenshots :)

Delicious scents

I ordered the Brazilian Bum Bum scent for the OG car diffuser and it smells amazing every time I get in my car and doesn’t seem to give me the headache that the actually Brazilian Bum Bum perfume does! Love it.


So pretty and love the choice of delicious smells

So cute and smells amazing!

So cute and smells amazing!

Love it!

Love this stuff! It smells amazing & the bubbles are great.


So happy with this badge! Simple and easy-to-read :) Great customer service from the Milkie team too! Will definitely purchase again.

Lovely keychain

I love this keychain it's so pretty, the ideal size and exceptionally well-made. It also has good strength and durability. Has a clip so it's very easy to attach. The package was neatly wrapped and came quickly. Definitely worth the cost, highly recommended.

Shot Pots
Wax Melt Addict

Caution! Only buy if you are prepared to spend every last dollar bucks on wax melts! These are a brilliant way to try our scents. They are strong, but not overpowering and don't set off my allergies. The scent throws through my open plan home easily. I LOVE the glitter. Glitter always makes me happy.

Wax Melts

I love me a good wax melt, and these bad boys are sooo good. The scent has a good strength, and is pretty long lasting. The colours are great and the glitter is my favourite part. I pour the old wax into a container under my sink so the scent still carries a little.

Snap Bar Melts

I'm a bit of a wax melt addict. These ones smell amazing; scent is strong and carries around the house easily. They last pretty good. They don't set my allergies off which is amazing. The colours and the glitter (specially the glitter!) are really awesome

Smells like a dream!

The first comment I always get when people visit my apartment is "Oh my goodness, what smells so good?". It doesn't matter which wax melt scent I use, I am always so in love with the scent and so are my guests. I even catch my fiance turning on the wax melt burner whilst he is playing xbox as it "gives off nice vibes". These are so delicious and make your house melt like a dream! You honestly can't go wrong!


I am so obsessed with the scent throw these give

I am forever having people walk past my warehouse in aw of how good it smells

Highly recommend milkie co and the funky scents they have!

Cute convenience!

After having my first baby and not being one for handbags, I was struggling to find a place to keep my car keys when out and about and somewhere accessible. I decided on a lanyard but of course I wanted it to be pretty! The design is super cute and I loved the option of having the ring attachment and the hook attachment. This lanyard has definitely met my expectations m.

Love it!

Super cute badge I absolutely love it - my students are always pointing it out


the scents are spot on to the names, made my whole house smell amazing!!

Amazing quality and product

I work in special education so this is going to be perfect for Christmas, bright and colorful, I love that it has a safety snap that I can use if I have to. 10/10❤️