Product FAQ's


How do I care for my keyrings?
Handle all our products gently - they are strong but don't like to be thrown around. If your beads become dirty, you can use products such as rubbing alcohol, baby wipes and nail polish remover to clean.

Rose gold key rings may tarnish overtime as they are made from an iron-based product. Ensure your keyring is left in a cool, dry environment and kept out of the sun. Clean appropriately with 'brasso' if key ring becomes tarnished.

How do I use my car diffuser?
1. Twist and remove the wooden bottle lid.
2. Carefully remove the clear plastic stopper from the top of the bottle.
3. Tip the bottle upside down for 1-2 seconds so that the fragrance absorbs into the wooden lid. Do not over saturate timber with Fragrance.
4. Replace the plastic stopper.
5. Hang in your car or around the home
6. To refresh fragrance, repeat the above steps

Care should be taken to avoid liquid contact with surfaces. If spillage or contact occurs wipe away immediately. We are not responsible for leakage. Do not hang from rear vision mirrors - only hand from steering wheel controls.

By purchasing this product you are agreeing to the above risks involved and agree that Milkie Co will not be held accountable for improper usage or leakages once this product has been removed from its packaging.

Are your Earrings suitable for those who have sensitive ears?
Our Earrings are all made using high quality Surgical Steel findings which are Lead & Nickel free; and suitable for those with sensitive ears.

Are your Products Handmade in Australia?
Yes! Our Products are Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.

How should I store and care for my soy candles?
Store your soy candles in a cool dry place as soy wax can soften in temperatures over 25 degrees.  Avoid direct sunlight. Remember, candles are a lifestyle choice and care should be taken when burning soy candles. Don’t leave them unattended. Keep them out of the reach of children and pets. Always position candles on a flat and heat resistance surface.

Is there a recommended burn time for my soy candles?
Yes. The recommended burn time for soy candles is no more than 3 hours at a time.

Should I do a “first burn” with my new soy candles?
A “first burn” is when you light a candle for the first time and burn it for a number of hours until a full soy wax pool has formed at the top of the candle. By doing this you will get a long even burn without creating tunnelling. Once this has happened, you are free to blow your soy candle out if desired.

What do I do when my soy candle is not burning evenly?
When more wax can melt than the flame can burn, this makes the wick black. This is called “mushrooming” and occurs with 100% cotton wicks or wooden wicks. Blow your soy candle out, trim the wick, and light it again for an even and efficient burn. Try not to let your wick cuttings fall into the wax pool. 

What happens when my soy wax candle has bubbles? 
It is normal to see bubbles occur in natural soy candles. The candle is not faulty and the burn time remains unaffected.

Should I burn soy candles all the way to the bottom of the jar?
While burning your soy candle, the ceramic or glass jar becomes very hot. If this continues all the way to the bottom of the jar, it may break. To prevent any safety issues, burn your soy candles to about 1cm from the bottom of the jar and remember to use a candle plate or a similar heat resistant surface to place your soy candles on.

How often should I trim the wick of my soy candles?
Trim your wick after every burn. Do not trim the wick too much as a short wick will create smoke and uneven burning. Approximately 6-10mm should prevent mushrooming.

How long should I wait before I can relight my soy candles?
Allow your candle to cool down before you relight it. This allows the wax pool to solidify and keep an even burn throughout the life of the soy candle.

How to wash your container once the whole candle has melted?
Soy wax is water soluble so you can wash our soy candle jars with hot soapy water. However, never pour your wax in the drains (the wax will solidify and clog your sink).

Why is my soy candle smoking?
Smoking may happen when the soy candle is in a draft or if the wick has gotten too long. Always keep the candle away from drafts and make sure you trim the candle wick regularly to a length between 6-10mm.