Reward Jar


Are you ready to add a splash of fun to learning? Meet the ultimate reward jar that's set to make waves! Perfect for celebrating great report cards, completing chores, or even as the star prize for the whole classroom!

✨ Dive into the details of our meticulously crafted jar, made from premium 4mm plywood. With its clear acrylic face, you're in for a treat: personalize it with any name or message, making it truly yours!

Standing proudly at 20cm, this jar comes with 24 vibrant tokens, tailored in your chosen color & style. 🌈

Wondering about a stand for this jar? We've got you covered! Apart from stands, we offer additional tokens in various colors & shapes, including some limited edition gems. Add them to your cart, and you're all set!

P.S. With the clear acrylic front, there might be slight glue marks. But rest assured, we do our best to keep them subtle. 🌟

Personalisation will appear exactly as typed.

Additional tokens can be found here.

Customer Reviews

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Alanna Johansen
My kids are obsessed

My kids have absolutely loved having this in our room as a class behaviour and reward system. I add a token for collective good behaviour and efficacy. They find it very motivating and it’s a great visual tool of their hard work. We’ve brainstormed a collective class reward we can all enjoy once it’s full. It’s an AMAZING idea and fantastic asset to my room ❤️