Did you know our lanyards can be made shorter?

You asked & we delivered - longer cords on our beaded and personalised lanyards. But now have you found your beaded lanyard is too long? Think you can't wear it? Think again!

We have made our lanyards long enough to suit the 'tall' and the 'long lanyard lovers' and we have a simple little hack that will make adjusting your lanyard to a shorter size INCREDIBLY easy.

All Milkie Co beaded and personalised lanyards are fit with breakaway popclasps for safety precautions. These are the little black or white clasps at the top of your lanyard which sit at the back of your neck.

Milkie Co Beaded Lanyard with Popclasps

Begin by pulling apart the popclasps so the lanyard is undone. If you pick one side to begin with, you will see that when we have clasped the lanyard, we have threaded the nylon cord through the popclasp and tied a knot, which in turn stops the clasp from coming off the nylon cord.

If you push the popclasp down (you may need to use some tweezers to hold onto the knotted cord if this isn't easily done with your hands) you can essentially push the pop clasp all the way down to the top of the beaded lanyard and expose the remaining nylon cord.

I would recommend doing the above on both sides of the lanyard.

Its at this point that you would work out the desired length of the lanyard, and what you're going to do is tie a knot on the left and the right piece of nylon in the same spot so that the popclasp is UNDER THE NEW KNOT. 

Once you're confident your popclasps are even, you will cut off the remaining cord with the old knot and simply re-connect your 2 popclasps to wear your lanyard which is now UNIQUELY YOU! 

Just be careful because you can always make a long lanyard shorter, but you cant make a short lanyard longer. This is why we like our lanyards to be on the longer side allowing you to adjust them if you need to!

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