Calling all self care queens: it’s time to get hot, steamy, and up-close-and-personal. Milkie Co Skin and Body Care has arrived.

The scents you know and love have been transformed into the dreamiest skincare and bath products, for total head-to-toe indulgence in Milkie Co goodness (mmmm).

You heard that right: Unicorn Farts as a Body Butter is possible (isn’t that what we’ve all been waiting for?). If you prefer scents that are a little more low-key, try Black Opium as a Body Spritz, Vanilla as a Conditioner, or Champagne & Strawberries as a Shower Gel. We’ve made any combination possible: in true Milkie Co form, each item in our Skin and Body Care collection can be customised to feature your favourite scent.

Let’s take our love affair to the shower. Dive in to the Milkie Co Skin and Body Care Collection.

Bubble Bomb Dust $10.00 USD

Body Spritz $12.00 USD

Shower Gel from $10.00 USD

Hand Sanitiser $9.00 USD

Foaming Hand Wash $10.00 USD