Limited Edition Miss Inclusivity x Milkie Co Stamp Collection

As developed from numerous theorists and frameworks such as John Hattie and Talk for Writing, comes Bridget's adapted colour co-ordinated marking system stamps! Bridget is a graduate teacher with a passion for inclusion, positivity and effective feedback in the education world. She loves all things bright and colourful — and co-ordinated! 

This collection is based on a marking system that is not only colour co-ordinated but correlated with symbols to make marking for not only the teacher/educator easier, but aid to students' progression levels towards a learning goal.

* Tickled Pink - what students have done well
* Green For Growth - what student/s need to work on to progress to the learning goal
* Purple For Progress - how the student has improved on a previous Green for Growth to move towards the learning goal 

Ink Colour: Green, Purple and Pink
Stamp Case colour: Mint Green, Purple and Pink
Shape & Size: 32mm Round

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